I'm a semi-professional adult. I have lots of ideas and am very responsible and productive, but I prefer fun, games and daydreaming to adulthood. Most importantly, I'm a husband, son, sibling, and aspiring future father before all else. You might notice I like talking (writing) quite a bit, too.


I was born and raised in tiny St. Leo, Kan., which basically amounts to a rustic church and bar. I really should go back more often, but when I do I'm strictly a visitor because I've never been very useful on the farm. Given modern technology and my career interests, I'd love to work from home someday and move closer to my rural roots to grow my family.

After graduating from the University of Kansas in 2012, I got married to my best friend and permanent partner in crime, Heather. She's a funeral director by trade, and also a gifted quilter; I've dedicated (and neglected) a page to her hobby. We live together with our basset-lab mix, Charlie, in Olathe, Kan.

Heather's parents and sister are from Wichita, Kan. I have four siblings somewhat spread around the state, and a grand total of four adorable nephews at this point. My parents live  in the same house they've occupied for nearly four decades, which is the same house my grandpa was raised in prior to that.


Again, for my professional life please see my resume. However, I thought it might be worth a chuckle to mention the numerous jobs I've held (and been bad at) throughout my adolescence.
  • Farm hand (not a very handy one);
  • Nursing home maintenance staff;
  • Concrete/construction laborer;
  • Steel pulley factory laborer;
  • Grain elevator attendant;
  • Weekly newspaper columnist;
  • Resident assistant;
  • Campus & library security monitor;
  • Ropes course guide;
  • Radio station marketing intern;
  • Student radio station intern;
  • Recreational softball umpire;
  • Student journalist for an NSF grant-funded institution that monitored changes in massive ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica (my personal favorite); and
  • Probably others I'm forgetting.


Some of my favorite things (and ideas) include:
  • Video games
  • Collectible sports and trading cards
  • Harry Potter everything
  • Being bad at sports
  • Garage sales
  • The University of Kansas
  • Dogs over cats
  • Pepperoni pizza (keep your nasty pineapple away)
  • Dr. Pepper (no substitutes) over booze
  • The name "Henry"
  • College sports over professional
  • Dragon Quest is the greatest video game series for busy adults
  • Media compilations, anthologies and sets
  • Hugs and secret handshakes, please
That's me in a nutshell. If you made it this far, you deserve some type of achievement sticker. I don't have one to give you; I just appreciate your dedication to reading about me.