My name is Shawn Schaller.

I am an enthusiastic, well-rounded communicator with experience in a variety of mediums. I have tremendous appreciation for the foundations of language - reading, writing, listening and speaking - and its structure, on which all communication is built. I specialize in data analysis for strategic communication. Witnessing the need for data intelligence in the workforce inspired me to earn my M.S. in Journalism - Digital Content Strategy from the University of Kansas. This program includes two certificate tracks: Data Interpretation and Communication, which teaches data life cycle proficiency; and Social Media Strategy, which explores relationships between audience, medium and message.

I am passionate about friendraising, positive sentiment and engagement because I believe great organizations are built on eager patrons and employees alike. I have recently channeled this energy into a fundraising campaign for the Children's Miracle Network that has raised nearly $2200 since inception. The same ideals motivate me to deliver excellent customer service and be a positive team member in all my ventures. I am excited for more opportunities to apply and personally embody these principles to help grow organizations.

Welcome to my personal website!

It's a blog and creative outlet, a home for my fundraising campaign, and a place to document my love for fun, games, and entertainment! This blog,
 like my numerous previous attempts, has seen many overhauls and face-lifts, but the underlying purpose remains the same; to bring joy to myself and others. The content here is eclectic, but I'm a pretty eclectic guy (to put it nicely), and there's no need to limit myself in this space.

If you're not here to browse assorted blog posts (I completely understand), I recommend looking at my resume and portfolio of writing samples, some of my other social and digital endeavors, my wife's excellent craftsmanship, or a few of my favorite loosely related photos (also at the bottom of this page).

The Fundraising Campaign

This site the foundation of my fundraising campaign for the Children's Miracle Network (CMN). 
Nearly 10 percent of American children are treated in a CMN Hospital each year. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, CMN has raised nearly $6 billion in its 34-year existenceand is almost 90 percent efficient with your donations. It's this stellar history of success and effectiveness that makes me proud to direct time, energy and money to CMN. After raising more than $1500 in 2017, my 2018 goal is to create enjoyable opportunities in which people want to participate. It's about more than money; I mentioned I'm passionate about friendraising, positive sentiment and engagement, and this site is a platform for that as well.

I can't think of a better cause to support.

I am in no way an official representative of CMN. If you need more information, I recommend you try these links to the CMN website.

A Little About Me

This is the short version, but I've written plenty (too much) about myself elsewhere. I come from a big, wonderful family and the tiny town of St. Leo, Kan. My beautiful wife Heather, my dog Charlie and I lead a simple-but-charming life, despite the fact that I personally struggle to stay in any one place for too long. Maybe someday if our family grows a little bigger, I'll stay put a while longer. We love our families, the University of Kansas, sports, the holidays, junk food, our various collections and hobbies, and meeting new people.