I am an enthusiastic strategic communicator with a special appreciation for the structure and foundations - reading, writing, listening and speaking - of language. I specialize in content marketing and am passionate about generating engagement and positive sentiment, because the best organizations are built by eager members and patrons alike. This ideal drives me to deliver positivity and excellence in all my endeavors.

In 2017 I received an M.S. in Digital Content Strategy from the University of Kansas, which includes certificates in Data Interpretation and Communication, and Social Media Strategy. I also have multiple years of experience in corporate retail including instructional design and data analysis. In my personal time I channel my energy into fundraising for the Children’s Miracle Network (generating nearly $2200 to date), and finding opportunities to expand my digital content horizons.

The Broke Nerd Blog

My passions for content marketing and nerd culture collide with space and money constraints in a consumer blog dedicated to nerds on budgets. It's my platform for promoting the deserving people, places and products I encounter via my hobbies. It has a local KC-metro flavor (as that's where I live) and places a premium on value and experience. In short, I love finding great values in tech, media, games and collectibles; exploring the best thrift stores, pawn shops, swap meets and sales to find them; and documenting it all. Most importantly, it's my favorite creative outlet and means of exercising my broad abilities and interests.

Children's Miracle Network Campaign

This site is also the headquarters of my fundraising campaign for the Children's Miracle Network (CMN). Nearly 10 percent of American children are treated in a CMN Hospital each year. The organization has raised nearly $6 billion in its 34-year existence, and is almost 90 percent efficient with your donations. This stellar track record makes me proud to direct time, energy and money to CMN. After raising more than $1500 in 2017, my 2018 goal is simply to create enjoyable opportunities in which people want to participate (and raise a few more dollars in the process). For more information about CMN, please visit the website or contact a representative.