Welcome to my incomplete digital curriculum vitae! It's chronically in progress, but my goal is to track all of my self-educational ventures as I work toward becoming a professional business analyst... or programmer... or electrical engineer... or something else.

  • 25-plus self-paced program containing multiple courses and mini-projects
  • Thorough foundational introduction to the Python programming language
  • Demonstration of wide array of Python's complex, practical uses
  • 4-hour course on Arduino IDE software
  • Introduction to basic C/C++ programming and electronics
  • Demonstration of Arduino Uno microcontroller board's functions and capabilities
  • SkillCert Consultancy ECBA Prep Course completed
  • 24 prerequisite Professional Development Hours completed
  • ECBA certification exam passed
  • Additional studies included ECBA prep courses from Udemy, extensive BABOK study, and observation of multiple IIBA chapter seminars (recorded, YouTube)