Sep 24, 2017

ThanksGaming Day Dinner & Games Info

Would you like to hear some unnecessary details about the food and gaming portions of our ThanksGaming Day Party?

ThanksGaming Day Raffle Prizes

Here is a list of prizes we're confirming for our ThanksGaming Day raffle so far:
  • A Sonic the Hedgehog quilt, hand-made by my beautiful wife! It will be roughly the size of a twin-size bed, and feature the Blue Blur of 90's 'tude himself!
    • This quilt will be part of a separate, public raffle, to help increase our dollars-raised potential. Attendees will receive one ticket as part of their donation, and anyone can buy additional tickets for $5 each!
    • All other prizes will be for the private, attendees-only raffle.
  • A $25 gift certificate to Gamer's HQ;
  • A PlayStation 1 arcade stick bundle, including:
    • PlayStation 1 system, cables and controller; 
    • One InterAct PS Arcade Stick (CIB);
    • Four games: Medal of Honor, Crash Team Racing, Tekken 3, and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.
  • A Stanley-brand BBQ grill accessories gift set;
  • Westlake Ace Hardware gift baskets (gift buckets, actually); and
  • At the end of the night, we'll have special drawings for the remaining adult beverages. For these drawings, you must be present to win.

Sep 7, 2017

I'm Riding & Streaming to Raise Money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

It's time to hatch and unleash my latest plan, which is to thank all of my donors with my own sweat, blood and tears... except without the blood and only some of the tears.

For every $10 we've raised (and continue to raise) in 2017, I'm going to ride my exercise bike one mile. To date, I've raised $845, which amounts to 85 miles I need to ride prior to Jan. 1, 2018.

Miles Ridden

0 85

However, that doesn't account for the money we raise throughout the rest of the year, including a fundraising game party my wife and I will throw in December. Also, I plan to stream every mile I ride (while playing video games, of course) on Twitch.