99 Bottles, IDE Tools & Back To CodeAcademy

It's a good thing I made that blog post yesterday, because after sleeping, eating, working, and sitting around on my couch for 23 hours in between sessions, I basically forgot how to function. After a quick CMD refresher, I was off and running again.

Over the past week I've worked through the Programming 101: 5 Basic Concepts Of Any Programming Language blog posts and podcast episodes, as well as 14 real-life pages of Head First Java (HF). The latter of these is proving to be my preferred Java learning mechanism to this point, though I appreciate the modern multimedia offerings and greater programming foundation-building of the former; it remains to be seen if they can coexist.

The outcome of today's HFJ lesson was reproducing the "99 Bottles of Beer" song lyrics in CMD (left), and spotting and correcting a basic grammar error produced by the code, and I legitimately enjoyed the task.

Starting My Journey Toward Becoming A Programmer

"Hello, world!" The customary first-ever program
Today is the day! I've been preparing (and procrastinating) for months! I have several great resources, such as:

At one point I even half-way started (before getting side-tracked by the notion that, despite my lack of skill and public appeal, I could have a side-gig as a YouTube creator)! But I want it to get serious now. Since perception is reality, I'm going to make it a big deal (read: "It IS a big deal!" See?), and do everything I can to both motivate myself and hold myself accountable to keep going.

Avatar: The Last Podcasters LIVE!

On Thursday, July 11th, at 9:30 pm Central Time, Chris Ford (aka The Objective Geek) and I will be recording Avatar: The Last Podcasters live on Twitch! We'll see how it goes, explore whether or not we'd like to do live shows again in the future and, most importantly, we'll talk about Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 2: Earth, Episode 28 "The Search."

The video will also stream right here when the time comes. Hang out with us if you're able! If not, you can always catch us on YouTube, Spotify, Google Play, Apple Podcasts, and our extremely underappreciated podcast hosting service Podcasts.com

Watch live video from NerdstalgiaS on www.twitch.tv
We'd love to get your feedback on the idea and the end result; let us know what you think!
Chris Ford: @objective_geek
Shawn Schaller: @ShawnSchaller

Dragon Quest XI Review: Part II

Dragon Quest XI (PC) didn't finish off quite as hot as (I thought) it started, but in short, it's still an very good JRPG and a great entry in the Dragon Quest franchise. Deviating slightly from the format of my first article, I've split my light review into five easy categories:
  • -Aesthetic (look & sound)
  • -Interaction (control & gameplay)
  • -Story Elements (plot, characters, setting, etc.)
  • -Then V. Now (innovation & lasting appeal)
  • -Fun Factor (just a catch-all for everything else)

The Objective Geek, and Avatar: The Last Podcasters

Chris Ford, a.k.a. the Objective Geek of YouTube and Twitter, is a comic book geek and cinema enthusiast with a growing amount of digital content. He does a lot of concise, honest movie reviews, specializing in new releases and films based on comic books. He also makes a lot of content related to his favorite TV shows including Batman: The Animated Series, Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, Doom Patrol, Young Justice, and more. And, when he has a minute to spare, he makes a podcast with yours truly that we call Avatar: The Last Podcasters.

The Nerdstalgia Facebook Page

The Nerdstalgia Facebook page is live! It's a source for a smattering of recommended videos, podcasts, creators, and general digital content for all geeks (casual, serious, former, aspiring, and everything in between). Retro gaming is the main focus and adults are the intended audience, but anything fun and anyone interested are welcome!

Everything You Need To Know About Nerdstalgia

Image may contain: screen and indoorIn February I hosted the first of what I hope are many monthly retro gaming forums at the Olathe Public Library (downtown branch) as part of the library's expanding adult activities program. The weather was bad and the publicity minimal (I didn't even have a name for it at the time); a grand total of four people showed up, including my wife and myself. But something very important happened; we had fun! There was good discussion, games I'd never played before, and an opportunity to meet new people - in real life (something I don't often do these days) - who share my favorite pastime. Other than the unsurprisingly small headcount, the group achieved exactly what I hoped it would.

My Dream Game Room: The Best 2nd-Generation Consoles

State-side we consider the 2nd generation of video game consoles as those released1976-83, remembered for its glut of weird and unsuccessful products that caused the video game crash of 1983. It was a lawless wild west of new ideas and everyone wanted a shot.

While the internet portrays Nintendo and Sega as beloved lifelong friends, 2nd-gen consoles feel more like grandparents who grew up during great depression. I tend to agree; my appreciation for them is often framed with phrases like "for the time" and "compared to the competition." Today I'm giving the 2nd gen more love as I set out to design (virtually, textually) my dream game room. It may not be the origin of video games, but its historical significance and breadth make it the most interesting starting line to me. Here are the 2nd-gen consoles I want in my dream game room. (I'll get to games later).

Inaugural Nerdstalgia Monthly Gaming Forum: February 2019

No photo description available.
The Olathe Public Library (downtown branch) will host a Retro Gaming Forum on Thursday, Feb. 7, from 6:30-8:30 pm, led by yours truly! This month's topic will be the SNES, and will include an original SNES console and a few games to enjoy, and several discussion topics. Participants are encouraged to bring their favorite games to show off, and/or a sealed snack to share. The subject matter and conversation will be catered to adults, but all are welcome.

Ford Product Design for Great Christmas Gifts

I just wanted to show off some of the Christmas presents my friend Tracy made for people this year. There's an acrylic LED sign and Christmas tree, a custom remote boat and cutting board, and plenty more! Tracy does a lot of 3D printing and CNC work and if you don't like shopping for presents - like me - he's got a lot of creative ideas that might work for you. Click through the album and check out his Facebook page while you're at it, and let him or me know what creative ideas you might have; he's always interested in trying new things!