My wife Heather makes some awesome quilts. Most of her work comes in the form of lap quilts featuring beloved 8- or 16-bit characters, but she can make just about any design on any size you can imagine. Someday (soon) I'll do her work justice with an attractive gallery of photos, but for now, please scroll through the photos above or check out these posts featuring her works individually. 

She started sewing in high school and, after we got married following college, got into the hobby with gusto. Initially she started with pieces small enough that she could quilt herself - in basic, straight lines - on her sewing machine, or having a family friend do the quilting portion for her larger works. Once we'd saved some of our disposable income, we were able to buy her a quilting machine of her very own. If you've never seen a quilting machine before, it's about 12 feet long, looks like something you'd find in a textile factory, and takes up the biggest room in any home.

As she's gained more experience, she's branching out in unique directions. This includes experimenting with craftier pieces like mermaid tails and highly complex patterns such as the intricate bargello quilt she's piecing together as I type that will soon become the comforter on our bed. Not so long ago we even attended the regional GeekCraft Expo in St. Louis, MO, for inspiration and to support for her fellow craft-nerds.

I'm proud of everything my wife does, but her penchant for geeky quilts holds a special place in my heart. We have great future aspirations for a house with a space large enough to do her work justice and, maybe someday, an even better quilting machine. (Seriously, though, have you seen how much these things cost? What have we gotten ourselves into...)