99 Bottles, IDE Tools & Back To CodeAcademy

It's a good thing I made that blog post yesterday, because after sleeping, eating, working, and sitting around on my couch for 23 hours in between sessions, I basically forgot how to function. After a quick CMD refresher, I was off and running again.

Over the past week I've worked through the Programming 101: 5 Basic Concepts Of Any Programming Language blog posts and podcast episodes, as well as 14 real-life pages of Head First Java (HF). The latter of these is proving to be my preferred Java learning mechanism to this point, though I appreciate the modern multimedia offerings and greater programming foundation-building of the former; it remains to be seen if they can coexist.

The outcome of today's HFJ lesson was reproducing the "99 Bottles of Beer" song lyrics in CMD (left), and spotting and correcting a basic grammar error produced by the code, and I legitimately enjoyed the task.

Starting My Journey Toward Becoming A Programmer

"Hello, world!" The customary first-ever program
Today is the day! I've been preparing (and procrastinating) for months! I have several great resources, such as:

At one point I even half-way started (before getting side-tracked by the notion that, despite my lack of skill and public appeal, I could have a side-gig as a YouTube creator)! But I want it to get serious now. Since perception is reality, I'm going to make it a big deal (read: "It IS a big deal!" See?), and do everything I can to both motivate myself and hold myself accountable to keep going.