Avatar: The Last Podcasters

Avatar: The Last Podcasters is a show my good friend Chris Ford and I started back in 2018. It was originally just an excuse to watch through our favorite shows (Avatar: The Last Airbender, and The Legend of Korra) together and hang out (virtually) after I'd moved farther away, but thanks directly to the growing success of Chris' YouTube channel - The Objective Geek - our little show has gained a flattering following! As of August 2020 we've completed our reviews of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and we've moved onto The Legend Of Korra. We've also begun doing most of our work live, so we hope you don't hate raw/live footage. If you're a fan of the Avatar universe or just good TV or animation in general, we'd love to have you check it out! Be sure to check out Chris' other stuff on YouTube too (some great stuff embedded below); he does great work!

Where to find the show:

  • YouTube: every Saturday morning, ~9:00 am CT
  • Audio-only on iTunes/Google Play/Spotify/Stitcher/Amazon Music: every Friday evening, ~11:00 pm CT
  • Podcasts.com (our solid, free podcast-host that feeds all the audio-only players above): every Friday evening, ~ 11:00 pm CT
  • Intermittent live recordings on Facebook

The Official 'Avatar: The Last Podcasters' Playlist (YouTube)

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