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Wal-Mart Clearance Switch Pickups!

Welcome to SWITCH, PLEASE! ( It's a working title.)   Wal-Mart clearanced out a bunch of physical media, and while things were pretty picked-over here in the city, I sent my busy parents inconveniently out of their way to their a rural Wally World to Nintendo Switch-hunt on my behalf. But is buying big-box leftovers worth not being able to send my children to college? We're talking about remnants of licensed cash-grabs and game-codes-in-a-box nested between car tires and packs of toilet-paper that wouldn't fit in my car, that's just the nature of clearance shopping. But I'm pretty happy about a few of them, and at least I'm documenting it so my kids can see where it all went wrong. So come along, come see how I spend my wife's money, here we go. Star Ocean: The Second Story R is the main reason I made the difficult decision to spend my parents’ precious time, and my wife's money. A recent remake of a well-liked PlayStation One action-RPG I’ve never playe

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