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Top 10 Switch Games To Play At Parties

No, not top 10 Nintendo Switch *party* games, but rather my top 10 favorite Nintendo Switch games to play *at* parties. Physical carts that 4 or more players can enjoy together on a single console! Say hello! @shawnschaller | Intro 00:00 Nintendo 01:08 HMs 01:58 #10 02:31 #9 03:12 #8 03:45 #7 04:23 #6 05:04 #5 05:35 #4 06:09 #3 06:56 #2 07:35 #1 08:29 #Outro 09:26 #Credits 09:54 Music Credits (in order of first appearance): Super Smash Bros Ultimate "Menu Theme" Mario Kart 8 Deluxe "Rainbow Road" Just Dance 2019 "Main Menu Music" Cruis'n Blast "All Night Shaker" Among Us "Main Menu Theme" Killer Queen Black "Main Theme" Rivals of Aether "Fighter Select Screen Theme" Rayman Legends "Main Menu - The Tower of Babel" Rocket League "Main Theme" Diablo III "The End of Days" Snipperclips Plus: Cut It Out Together "Noisy Notebook A" Overcooked

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