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PokéMalarkey | The Official Page

7/13/2021: UPDATES COMING SOON! Does the world need another Pokémon show? Probably not, but we like it and it makes us happy, so we're doing it anyway. PokéMalarkey is a short weekly show I co-host with my good friend Jesse Lobbs so that we can relive our nostalgic childhood memories and (eventually) catch up on what we've missed. For each episode of the show, we watch one episode of the Pokémon TV series (in chronological order), and offer our (often cynical, sometimes vulgar) review and rating.  Pokémon is the theme and driving force - the TV series is where the rubber meets the road - but this road trip is about happy, geeky, nostalgic multimedia entertainment as a whole, so we're going to see tangential sights, pick up interesting passengers, and trick out our ride along the way. If you're a fan of Pokémon - the show, manga, video games, universe in general, etc. - or just nostalgic childhood stuff, we'd love to have you stop in! If you enjoy the show, help spre

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