Feb 14, 2018

I'm A Loser & It's Okay: I'm Bad At Collecting Video Games

I'm a loser, and it's okay. In fact, it's not bad at all.

I'm a loser because I collect video games. There's nothing inherently wrong or loser-esque about collecting video games; I live in an era where it's more accepted and popular than ever to collect video games. I have a decent job, own a home, am married to a woman that has no qualms with my hobbies, and generally can't think of any reason I shouldn't collect video games.

Let me rephrase my initial statement. I'm a loser because of the way I collect video games.

I don't have a great collection; it's not special, historic or full of rarities. A lot of the games I own aren't directly from my childhood or particularly nostalgic, but they're not modern either; I'm far behind modern trends. A lot of the games I own are cheap, above-average titles from the sixth-generation video game boom. My collection isn't even that big, and yet more than half of it is a pure backlog of games I've spent between zero and one hour playing.

I really don't spend that much time actually playing games; I get to play maybe 5 hours in a typical week, and 10 in a lazy one. When I do play, I rarely ever finish games I start. Even if I enjoy the game upon an initial session, chances are I'll get the urge for something else prior to my next opportunity to play. I'm basically addicted to playing the same three cookie-cutter PlayStation 2 sports games, on the lowest difficulty setting, that I've played for more than a decade. In fact, when I do finish games it nearly always occurs on the easiest setting, using cheats, with aide of a strategy guide, or all the above.

Simply put, I claim to be a gamer, but I don't invest a lot of resources in games and, even when I do, I'm no good at them. Video game nerds may no longer be viewed as losers, and they shouldn't be; it's an important, artistic, ingrained piece of modern culture. However, even in circles as accepting and open-minded as among other gamers, I'm still a loser, or at least I feel like one.

But tonight when I get home I'm going to power on my PlayStation 2, sit down on my stationary bike and enjoy something like my thousandth game of dime-bin NBA Live 2006 for about 30 minutes while pedaling just enough to pass it off as a form of light exercise.

I'll have fun and maybe even break a sweat doing it. Then when my 30 minutes are up, I'll probably smile and move onto something else productive; cleaning, spending time with my wife and dog, trying to decide what to do with my life and so on.

That all sounds okay to me. Heck, I think it sounds pretty good.

Jan 29, 2018

Dream Diary - Dinner Party

I had a dream that I went to this fancy dinner night thing in Nashville (KS, not TN, which is already pretty weird because it's definitely not a 'fancy dinner' kind of place). Someone or something was making a horrible noise and disrupting dinner. I was elected by a very lazy show of hands to discover and put a stop to the source.

Jan 16, 2018

Road Rage, Nickelback and Pandora

I want to tell you a story about Pandora, the convenient-but-frustrating online audio streaming service. First I need to set the mood for this story, so let’s start with a talk about road rage to get revved up (pun intended).

Jan 14, 2018

Midway Arcade Treasures

Midway Arcade Treasures Coverart.png
Midway Arcade Treasures (2003 - PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube - Digital Eclipse & Midway Games) doesn't live up to the excitement it implies. It does pack enough uniqueness and nostalgia for its low price to merit a place in many collections. Compilations  should be held to different standards, and this one scrapes by as decent.

Dec 29, 2017

Rygar (PS2) - Cheap Games That Aren't Worthless

Rygar: The Legendary Adventure is a linear 3-D Action-Adventure game, inspired by the original Rygar arcade, by Tecmo for the PlayStation 2. It was well-liked upon its release in 2002, but now feels buried in the sixth console generation's massive 3-D action library and tainted by its Wii re-release.

It's a good, easily-attainable game that will spice up (and deserves to be in) most PlayStation 2 collections.