Switch Games Worth Buying | Cheap Physical Compilation Games on the Nintendo Switch (That Don't Suck)

Looking for good bargain games for the Nintendo Switch? Me too. How about embarrassing quantities of ancient titles passably emulated and crammed haphazardly into a single, low(-ish) priced package? OK that one might just be me... but just on the off chance it's you too, then I hope you'll enjoy this video in which I recommend 4 cheap, physical compilation games on the Nintendo Switch that don't suck.

Music Credits

Intro/Outro: (Gal Metal): Monster Party Title Theme (NES)

Song 1: 720 Degrees BGM1 (Arcade)

Song 2: Dragon Spirit Area 1 (NES)

Song 3: Baseball Stars Menu Theme (NES)

Song 4: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Mystic Cave Zone (Genesis)