Website Goal Updates

Don't read this unless you like text... lots and lots of text.
This post is for the sake of personal accountability, and I doubt it will be an interesting read.

Batman: The Pixelated Knight

Batman, The Pixelated Knight
Approx. 6' x 6' quilt
Professionally quilted, "meandering" style
$150 (shipping can be negotiated)

K-State Quilt

K-State Quilt

John Deere Quilt

John Deere Quilt made for my grandparents

Super Mario Bros Mushroom

Mario Mushroom quilt for Gamer's HQ owner's son,
and a matching green one for his daughter.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman lap quilt

Quilts for the Quilting Guild

Quilt for the Topeka/St. Matthew's Quilting Guild, donated

Helping Hands Humane Society

Donated quilt to raise money for Helping Hands Humane Society

 My Dad's military quilt. Made from his old fatigues for his retirement.

Dragon Quest Slime

Dragon Quest: Blue Slime
Approx. 4' x 4' quilt
'Stitch-in-the-Ditch' style quilting
SOLD (my husband kept it 😄 )

Super Mario Bros 3

Super Mario Bros 3
50" x 60" quilt
'Stitch-in-the-ditch' style quilting

Why A Website Is A Must

This blog post, and the larger article to which it is linked, comprise an assignment for my JOUR 868 graduate course. The full article "10 Reasons to Get Your Website" is posted below.

Top 10 Reasons To Get Your Website

Everyone has plenty to gain from a website. It can be a fully-fledged site, small and personal, a blog or anything in between. There are very few good reasons not to have one, but countless reasons to get started on yours as soon as possible. I’ve even taken the liberty of compiling the 10 best of those reasons here for you. All you need to do is read them, and then get started on your website.

Pick Your New Pup From The Pound

This post was originally written as an Opposite Editorial (Op-Ed) piece for my Journalism 868 class.