Website, Podcast & Campaign Updates

The website has undergone tremendous change, I've fine-tuned my podcast, and this campaign is evolving.

School is back in session, and my final class and capstone project have begun; I'm on the home stretch to receive my Master's Degree in Journalism from the University of Kansas!

The two - this digital campaign and my Master's project - are one in the same. As a result, it will be in flux throughout the next two months. The goal of these changes is, naturally, to improve and grow.

I plan to speak more about it soon, but for the time being I need to work on (formally, as opposed to here) some homework.

Breaking Not News: Nintendo To Release The 4DS!

We've just received breaking not news in the world of entertainment; Nintendo is developing the 4DS, the official successor to the increasingly popular Nintendo 3DS handheld console. According to our potentially real source, the company hopes to release it as early as the 2017 holiday season!