Rygar (PS2) - Cheap Games That Aren't Worthless

Rygar: The Legendary Adventure is a linear 3-D Action-Adventure game, inspired by the original Rygar arcade, by Tecmo for the PlayStation 2. It was well-liked upon its release in 2002, but now feels buried in the sixth console generation's massive 3-D action library and tainted by its Wii re-release.

It's a good, easily-attainable game that will spice up (and deserves to be in) most PlayStation 2 collections.

Sonic the Hedgehog Quilt

Shame on me! I forgot to post a picture of the Sonic the Hedgehog quilt (won by Austin Taber) at our first ThanksGaming Day party.

The quilt was beautiful, the party was a success, and nearly $700 were raised via their efforts.

Thanks, beautiful wife!

2018 Strategic Summary for ShawnSchaller.com

Inspiring good fun for the Children’s Miracle Network

Mission & Vision
To channel passion for beloved pastimes into a great cause.

The Show: Harry Potter (Part I)

The second official episode of the show is here! This week, my wife and I are talking about one of our favorite mutual topics. No, it's not football, but it's the next best thing; Harry Potter!

Things I Love: A $10 Pair of Ugly Panasonic Earbuds

This is the tale of my most recent headphone adventure. Like most of the highly-specific things I love, the positive outcome isn't one that would satisfy many, but made me so happy as a consumer I felt compelled to review it here.

The Show: '90s Toys

The first-ever episode of the ShawnSchaller.com Show is all about '90s Toys and features my friend Ian, as well as Battletoads & Double Dragon for the Sega Genesis.