Forbes Wonders If Video Games Should Cost More (& other geek news)

THIS WEEK IN GEEK NEWS... has been quiet, but I love digging through the headline scrap-heap for gems.

Forbes wonders if
video games should be more expensive,
to keep up with inflation, then quickly counters the idea with several valid points:
  • DLC, passes, microtransactions, etc. are already additional costs;
  • Digital distribution shrinks production cost and used market; and
  • Increased costs could shrink the market during an optimal time for expansion.
I have just one comment on this article. Forbes, how dare you risk giving EA ideas?!

ESPN Main Page Confirms LeBron James Better Than Actual News

LeBron James will hit free agency in the Summer of 2018 when he'll become the biggest free agent to hit the market since... himself back in 2014, or himself four years prior to that in 2010. There's a massive spread on's front page to remind you.

The new-look Cavaliers are 3-0 since their trade deadline purge. The fallout from the trade deadline is intriguing. The NBA All-Star game was as competitive as it's been in decades. Four teams have better records than the Cavs, including the defending champs who've been (almost) an afterthought. James' Cleveland squad is surging at the right time, and the 2018 NBA Playoffs should be the most exciting in years.

March Madness is right around the corner. We're closing in on what should be a crazy NFL free agency period. Baseball is nearly here. Fergie ruined the National Anthem on a massive stage. The Winter Olympics are happening! Right now! What an exciting time to be a sports fan!

But don't forget about the theoretical decision LeBron James will make this July.

Disney is Black Panther's Biggest Fan

Black Panther's launch is projected to break $400 million, and had the most successful opening of any Marvel movie not named "The Avengers." No one loves it more than Disney, who is happy to grow what is already the highest-grossing movie franchise of all time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The part of my brain that likes comedy wonders of which underrepresented group Hollywood will take advantage next. The part of my brain that likes movies is sincerely curious as to where Marvel/Disney will go next, because this movie is excellent for cinema in general.

I'm A Loser & I'm Bad At Collecting Video Games

Related image
I'm bad at being a nerd, but does
that mean I'm a bad nerd?
I'm a loser and it's okay. In fact, it's not bad at all.

I'm a loser because I collect video games. There's nothing inherently wrong or loser-esque about collecting video games; I live in an era where it's more accepted and popular than ever to do so. I have a good job, own a home, am married to a wonderful woman that has no qualms with my hobbies, and generally can't think of any reason I shouldn't collect video games.

Let me rephrase my thoughts. I'm a loser because of the way I collect video games.