Heather's First Bargello Quilt

My wife Heather spent countless hours on a new quilt for our bed. It's called a bargello quilt, and I don't know what that means other than that it looks really cool. She'd shown me several designs, and they all have the feel of an optical illusion. We settled on this one - in red, white and blue for America and KU and whatnot - and I could not be more proud of the finished product.

Also, it's really big... like, almost 9.5' x 11' big.

Ford Product Design

No automatic alt text available.My friend Tracy is doing some fun work with his CNC and 3D printer. His side venture is called Ford Product Design, and he can do everything from prototyping and designing to production. If you can think it up (within certain dimension parameters), he can probably bring it to life.

Magic: The Gathering – My First (Pre-Release) Experience

I’ve been learning Magic: The Gathering casually with friends and via the Arena closed and open betas for a few months. Last weekend I attended my first pre-release event (the Guilds of Ravnica); it wasn’t ideal for how I play Magic, but I was rewarded with a few pleasant surprises and a fun experience.