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My passions for content marketing and nerd culture collide with space and money constraints in this consumer blog dedicated to nerds on budgets. It's my platform for promoting the deserving people, places and products I encounter via my hobbies. It has a local KC-metro flavor (as that's where I live) and places a premium on value and experience. In short, I love finding great values in tech, media, games and collectibles; exploring the best thrift stores, pawn shops, swap meets and sales to find them; and documenting it all right here.

Ode to John (Riggs)

John Riggs might be my favorite internet personality related to gaming, if not all together. He doesn't upkeep a fancy website, create highly cinematic videos, or spend gobs of time streaming or on social media. Instead, what I appreciate most about Riggs is that he feels very real. Of course he's a very real person; he's tall, he has a big personality, and he's just generally hard to miss. I mean that the content he creates always feels like it's made by a real person - a dad with three kids and a regular day job, who is responsive and inclusive on social media, and for whom gaming is more hobby than lifestyle - rather than a performer a personality. (It's purely coincidence that for his day job he is, in fact, a radio personality.)