The Atari VCS Is Not For Me


UPDATE: The negative feedback this video got is almost impressive! While I'm not changing my opinion, I have done a lot of research into whom YouTube shows my videos and why, and also learned a few things about my new phone's camera and my recording style. In short, the video clearly wasn't well-liked, but I learned a lot from it.


I'm not particularly excited about the Atari VCS. I'm also not too excited with my video-work done here, either. Had some camera issues, script felt a little forced, maybe stepped too far out of my wheelhouse in general, but I felt like it was important for me to see it through and publish anyway for the sake of learning and getting feedback.

Anyway, here are my concise, personally unenthusiastic thoughts about Atari's latest entry in the home console market, if you can call it that (honestly it's more of a microconsole).